I cracked the code. I beat the modern woman stereotype. I manifested abundance of High Value Suitors, Luxury and Privilege!


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What You'll Learn

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    Secrets to creating a compelling appearance to increase Privilege, Suitors and Abundance. How to Feminize yourself in order to completely stand out in ANY room!

  • Ultra Feminine Appeal/ Allure

    Techniques I used to transform into an ultra feminine woman with NO prior insight. The exact strategies and formula to use to exude feminine appeal.

  • Dating Strategies Proven to Secure High Value Men

    Methods to attract high value men fast and organically. Everything I did to scale my clients from 0 to SEVERAL producer men at their feet.

Let's Break It All Down

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    1.5 hrs of video content teaching you the ways of turning yourself into an ULTRA feminine woman of substance and class .

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    Lifetime access to the course to keep you on track with your growth and hyperamous goals.

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    Strategies to set yourself apart during courtship.. leading to marriage. And keeping him hooked by your side.

Trust me... You Need This

Level up your Femininity and Level up your Hypergamy

 Your feminine journey can be pretty overwhelming and filled with lots of self doubt. Trust me, I went through this. Not having a feminine figure, growing up with a toxic mother and being raised to be strong and compete against men. I decided I wanted to study Femininity and BEAT the modern woman stereotype.
That's when I learned the secrets that my mother didn't want me to know. The course outlines how to build up your feminine allure properly in order to scale quickly and organically despite the challenges.
I launched my course page in March 2020. By June, I had 18 women in courtship or engaged to a high value man.
I share my blueprint with you because I want to see you be successful. You CAN be ultra Feminine. You CAN go secure a husband with the proper content I teach. And you CAN make live a hypergamous lifestyle if you apply my teachings. 

What People are saying

Lauren Y

I am so happy i took this course! I am with a wildly successful non-black man and now I am seeing more and more of my sisters with men of his caliber too. Yay! Enjoy it ladies. There is nothing in comparison with the feeling of being taken care of, adored, cherished, loved....spoiled too 👀 Always remember: never call him (ever) unless in a dire situation. You must ignite his desire to chase and win you over. And do not text him back right away! Wait. It will increase desire in him for you. 💕 happy dating beauties.

My whole personality has developed to suit the role!

Natalie Sukie

I love this course. I have made sure I'm immaculately presented every day, even during quarantine. At the start of the year when I started this journey I felt unnatural being so dressed up and done up all the time, now 6 months later,. My whole personality has developed to suit the role and I cannot remember how I used to wear jeans and sneakers every day 🙈 Roll on lock down lifting

OMG the magnetism and changes is incredible!

by Veritas Nkom

I'm just starting to reduce my masculine energy and step into my Goddess self and OMG the magnetism and changes is incredible!

Thank you for this course❤️

Keneisha Mosley

I’ve been investing in makeup, skincare, and perfumes since watching these videos. They are so helpful. I work so much and in the past I have sort of let myself go. Now I workout on a consistent basis and invest in things that enhance my natural beauty. Thank you for this course❤️

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  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

  • Will this course fit me?

    This course is for the curious woman who has no idea where to start her feminine journey but wants to start developing feminine qualities. This course is for people who are confused and overwhelmed by all the information. This course is a beginners guide to feminine charm and for those ready to break the cycle of masculinity and want to regain control of their natural power.